Szkolenie Nadzór montażu połączeń kołnierzowo-śrubowych

Training: Supervision of assembly of flange joints

Training confirming the competence of the personnel supervising the assembly of flange-bolt connections in pressure systems posing a particular threat according to PN-EN 1591-4:2014

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1. Types of flange-bolted connections
2. Gasket function, types and properties of gaskets
3. Relationship between bolt elongation, clamping force and gasket pressure
4. Effects of bolt relaxation
5. Safe gasket disassembly
6. How to prepare the contact surface and how to store , move and prepare the seal?
7. Calculation Methods for Bolt Torque and Installation
8. Tightness Classes
9. Wrench Tightening Requirements
10. Emission Monitoring and Leakage Control