Regeneracja i naprawa uszczelnień

Regeneration and service of gaskets and mechanical seals

One of the methods to reduce the operating costs of pumps, mixers and compressors is the regeneration of mechanical seals. We offer comprehensive regeneration of seals, both produced by KRAJ and other manufacturers.

The process of regeneration of a complete component seal is as follows:
1. External inspection of the seal,
2. Seal disassembly,
3. Thorough cleaning of all its components,
4. Technical verification, assessment of the condition of sliding surfaces, springs and metal elements,
5. Replacement of elastomeric elements of secondary seals and others not suitable for regeneration,
6. Polishing of slip rings,
7. Assembly and balancing of the seal,
8. Testing of the regenerated seal – tightness and operation test in real operating conditions. During the test, the final protocol of the regenerated seal is drawn up.

Range of regenerated front seals:

  • front mechanical seal, single, double, component construction,
  • independent of the direction of rotation,
  • multi-spring springs isolated from the medium,
  • medium pressure: ≤ 2 MPa,
  • medium temperature: -20 ÷ +260°C,
  • rotational speed: ≤ 4000 rpm,
  • wide range of applications, cold and hot water, oils, fuels, chemical media, …
The test is carried out using an innovative stand for testing static and dynamic tightness and for determining the technical parameters of front mechanical seals. Basic rating parameters:

  • diameter range of tested seals from 8 to 150 mm
  • gland 200 mm,
  • temperature in the test chamber from 5 to 200 °C,
  • types of tested seals – single component, single compact, double compact, gas-dynamic,
  • static and dynamic pressure applied to the seal from -0.1 to 4.0 MPa,
  • maximum power 7.5 kW,
  • rotational speed from 0 to 4000 rpm with smooth regulation,
  • direction of rotation right or left.