Designing seals according to customer requirements

Designing seals according to customer requirements – we will design and produce the seal you need. When designing seals for flange connections, it is important to take into account the factors determining the safe operation of the seal. A helpful tool for designing flange connections is the proprietary program for designing flange connections KRAJ Selektor.

The KRAJ company has completed a number of projects during which the seal was designed specifically for the customer’s requirements:

1. Flange connection loaded with high level of vibrations, pressure or temperature shocks – Gasket with support KRAJ KRP.

The design of this gasket involves designing the width and depth of the groove in which the graphite gasket is built. The size of the groove should be selected so that the assembly stresses in the connection transform the soft material and the metal elements of the seal come into contact with the rebates. They transfer vibrations and external loads of the flange connection. A graphite gasket built into the groove ensures an appropriate level of elastic return.

Projektowanie uszczelnień
2. Flanged connections requiring increased elastic recovery – KRAJ KRW MAX and KRW MAX multi-edge gaskets 2.

KRAJ’s flexible multi-edge gaskets significantly increase the elastic recovery by almost 500% compared to the classic solution. We obtain them thanks to an innovative solution by tilting the sealing surface. This solution allows safe operation of the flanges in changing operating conditions.

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3. Flange connections with low contact stresses and/or flaccid flanges.
Special gaskets.

In flange connections made of plastic, glass composite or in low-pressure installations, the size of the flanges and bolts allows for a low stress level in the classic gasket. Increasing their level causes deformation of the flanges. The engineering industry that produces long series of gaskets solves this problem by applying additional silicone tracks to the gaskets, which cause stress concentration. In the case of one-off production, the manufacturer is required to design the gasket in such a way that it will allow to achieve the required level of stress in the gasket. We achieve this by reducing the width of the gasket and placing it in the place where the screws are located.

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The above examples outline the level of complexity of flange connection work. Appropriate selection of the gasket, types of flanges and flanges and their dimensions requires taking into account many factors affecting the safe and correct operation of the flange connection. Experienced KRAJ constructors are at your disposal. They will help in the selection and design of a gasket that ensures optimal operation of the flange connection.