Darmowy program do obliczeń połączeń

Calculation of flange joints with KRAJ SELEKTOR

Calculation of flange bolted connections has never been so easy and pleasant. The free KRAJ Selector program is an advanced tool for designing and calculating flange connections. It allows you to quickly determine the necessary bolt tensions to ensure safe operation of the flange connection at the assumed level of tightness. It was developed by a group of our engineers using 30 years of experience in the design and assembly of flange connections as well as modern object-oriented programming techniques. A simple and clear menu makes it easy to use the program. Its operation is intuitive, the program indicates which data should be entered using extensive databases.

The program allows for calculations based on three calculation standards:
– EN 1591-1:2014,
– WUDT-UC-WO/20,
– ASME Code s. VIII.

It works with an extensive database containing information on flanges, flanges, bolts, gaskets, media and materials, facilitating the quick design of a flange-bolt connection.

The program generates an assembly card, which is also an assembly instruction for the connection. Shows the order in which the bolt nuts are tightened in the connection and the recommended torque value for the bolts at each step.

Click to download Free program for calculation of flange and bolt connections

The condition for safe operation of the flange connection is the introduction of assembly tensions on the bolt nuts ensuring tightness during the operation of the installation under changing operating conditions: pressure, temperature, external forces and moments.

For algorithms according to WUDT-UC-WO/20 and ASME Code p. VIII. a module was developed to determine the maximum assembly tensions that can be loaded on a flange connection without exceeding the permissible stresses in the bolts, neck, flange and gasket. This allows the assembly of a flange connection with optimal tightening torques.

Installation card Installation
Flange gasket with an outer diameter of 1220 mm for reactor 440R1-TOP
Multi-edge gasket KRAJ KRW 1 dimension: 1084x1114x1143x4 mm

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