Laboratorium badań uszczelnień spoczynkowych

Gasket testing laboratory

Station for testing static seals according to EN 13555.

Laboratorium badań uszczelnień spoczynkowych nr 2

Specialised SB-US-1-KRAJ test rig designed to determine the tightness class at elevated temperatures and the characteristic sizes of gaskets in accordance with the algorithm described in the EN 13555:2014 standard. Tests can be carried out in the temperature range: from room temperature to elevated temperatures up to 600oC. Test pressure of helium – up to 160 bar.

It allows for determination of calculation factors for the purposes of recalculation of flange joints according to EN 1591-1:2013. At the test rig, we can also determine calculation factors according to the ASME F3149-15 standard.

Test rig for determining the coefficients required for the calculation of flange joints made according to EN 1591-1:2013 (E), ASME Code s VIII, DIN EN 1591-1:2014-04.