Mechanical seals testing laboratory

Stand for testing front mechanical seals

The SB-UM-1-KRAJ test stand for testing static and dynamic tightness and determining the technical parameters of front mechanical seals is a specialized device used to simulate real operating conditions of manufactured products in order to verify their actual properties. Its main application is the final acceptance of the finished product, semi-finished product delivery control, prototype testing and determination of technical parameters of front mechanical seals.

The stand consisting of a test chamber assembly, a drive assembly, a base body assembly, a working liquid, liquid and barrier gas supply system, a control cabinet with measuring elements and an automation and data acquisition executive system enables:

  • taking measurements of sealing operating parameters,
  • performance of leak tests of production and prototype seals during continuous and cyclical operation (start-stop operation) with archiving of results and programmable test duration, taking into account various types of seals and their installation.